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Reasons Why Your Shrubs are Dying

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All brown shrubs do not have similar back stories. Your shrubs could have turned brown for several number of reasons such as:

1. Drastic Weather Changes

Hot or warm weather conditions in winter prompts the shrubs to start growing however, if there is a sudden drop on the temperature, that growth of your shrubs stops eventually. If the ground is frozen, the shrubs cannot soak up plenty of water from the soil in order to keep new growth plants, so the color of the shrub turns brown instead.

2. Extreme Temperature

Frigid weather condition can shock your shrubs into a brown shade and extreme heat can also turn the leaves of the shrub dull and dry, as well.

3. Too Much Fertilizer

Pouring too much amount of fertilizer into plant beds may burn your shrubs by boosting salt levels in soil.

4. Disease or Pests9

Disease such as boxwood blight or insects such as borers can cause your shrubs to change color.

5. Water Problems

Both too little and too much water can cause stress in your shrub and cause it to change into the color brown.

A brown shrub which still has live branches as well as buds can rebound with your care and assistance. However, the following are some signs that your shrub is still kicking and alive:

  • Scratch one branch using your fingernail. It should definitely be moist and green underneath the bark.
  • Look for plump and green buds. If you do, that is a good indicator.
  • Scratch some more branches. If they are all moist and green underneath the bark, the shrub is still in good condition. However, branches which are dry and brown under the surface are already dead, and a lot of dead branches would tell that your shrub will not survive anymore.

What You Should Do About the Leaves of the Shrub that Turn into Brown

The solution for these shrubs depends on how it changed into brown, to start with. Give it a regular inspection or you may have a professional and experienced arborist inspect it in your behalf in order to figure out the best interventions and solutions.

If the shrubs changed its color into brown during the bitter winter and hot summer temperatures, gradually water the roots of your shrubs in summer and protect them prior to the coming of the winter with the use of anti-desiccant spray.

If changing winter temps dulled the shrubs, you should wait to see if there is any new growth in the months of spring. Water the shrubs carefully in order to help them grow better and avoid too much water. Then, prune out some lingering dead stems and branches which did not sprout new leaves.

Shrubs which change its color into brown after they are fertilized may be the cause of too much application of fertilizer. You should use a constant flow of water to flush the soil out. Saturated soil surrounding the brown shrubs is an indicator of overwatering. You may let up on the watering until the soil dries up. It’s also important that you ask help from tree doctor yonkers service providers to know the main reason why your shrubs are dying.

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