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Noticing that your sink has having a problem draining the water or it takes a bit of time to be fully drained. Looking the possible result of not having any action to your bathroom or comfort room’s drainage? It will be like a swimming pool in the bathroom in the future. Aside from these problems, you would also experience the bad odor and smell that will arise because of the clogged or blocked drainage in your house. If you won’t find any solution to this, you will suffer to this kind of environment for a longer time and you would possibly be sick because of this.  


Maintaining the cleanliness of your drainage or pipes will save you time and money at the same time. What if there is no plumber around your area. What if there is no one to help you unclogged the pipes or your drainage. So, it is going to be very important learning some basic tips and ways that you can use to resort your problem. Drainage cleaning is the only way for you to get away from these wasteful problems.  

WIRE TYPE OF HANGER: We use this to hang our clothes but at the same time it could be a very useful tool to help you from your clogged pipes. If you have one in your house, try your very best to straighten the wire hanger. On the end part of it. Try to make a curve so that it will look like a hook. Now, you can use it to unclogged the pipe. Try to insert the straighten wire to the sink’s pipe. There is a big chance that you can get hair strands and some stuff there.   

VINEGAR AND BAKING SODA: You have to prepare these, you can actually get it from your kitchen so you won’t need to buy. Mix equal parts of vinegar and baking soda in a clean container. You have to make this one a bit faster so that the solution that you made won’t dry. You have to pour it as fast as you can to the pipe that is clogged.   

BOILED WATER: I guess, this is the simplest way of resorting your problem. You have to boil the water first. Next, you have to slowly pour the water to the sink’s pipe. You have to do this for many times so that it would work.  

BAKING SODA AND ROCK SALT: Mixing the two ingredients having the same amount. After that, you have to put it onto the sink’s pipe. Leave it there for about 15 to 30 minutes. You could pour some boiling water there for more effectiveness of it.   

SOAP AND OTHER DISH SOAP: You could use this for those people who are having a problem with their toilets. Pouring some liquid soap or even dish detergent soap to the bowl of the toilet. For the effectiveness of this, you can use hot water as well after pouring the soap on the toilet bowl’s surface.  

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